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Bugzy Malone aka the king of the north is back and with a bang this time round he has taken on the dark knight movie “Batman ting” theme in the video for Bruce Wayne. This is a up tempo classic Bugzy flow in a @HeyGamal production in the new music video.

The video starts off very much Batman style with him receiving a mysterious phone call. “0161 how can I help”, unfortunately, it’s not the red phone Batman had back in the day but it’s a cool intro for the video.

batphoneon the phone









Then he squeezes into a tracksuit tighter than using both sides of the toilet paper, I think someone has definitely been hitting the gym recently.

Aided by accessorizing with all black ensemble including matching black gloves and a handgun to match which is less Batman more hitman but who’s to judge when the visuals are this good.

We then see him leaving the Batcave or in Bugzy’s case the car park with the Batmobile courtesy of Mercedes AMG C63S coupe which apparently they do Batmobiles now.

Throughout the creative video, we have cutaways of him performing in front of London’s skyline at night in his car which is an iconic backdrop. We also see him performing in front of the car in a car park which in music videos is usually played out look but because he is so high energy and visually a great performer we are glued to the video to see where the video is going.

We see Bugzy driving around London at night in the batmobile on a mission which is a great location similar to Gotham but a London twist. It’s interesting he chooses London to shoot this as he claims to be the king of the north so does this mean he is king of London too?.

He arrives at his destination takes out a big long bag and walks into the building which at this point the security guard is fully engrossed reading his health and safety magazine with sunglasses on to pay any attention to Bugzy SPOILER ALERT (he is in on it ) walking in the building.

read mag

After that, he is caught on camera walking into the lift he then puts on his mask inside which might be a little late as he’s been caught on camera without it but who’s looking at the details right.


We see him walking into an empty office, which is a great location for performances to the camera in an all-white room with him dressed in contrast in black that makes him stand out more.

The video then goes all dark and red at the window with him aiming out of the window with a sniper riffle about to shoot a target which is less Batman style more Call of Duty black ops style.

The video ends before he takes the shot which begs the question, did he shoot?, who was the target?, was it Stormzy?….

When artists try to do a superhero based music video it’s sometimes difficult to get the balance between low budget cheese and high-end Hollywood blockbuster style which I think the director G.Kuba has done an excellent job of doing. He incorporates some really good shots which make Bugzy look like a larger than life character and spinning camera work and low angles help to increase the video value.


Some of the honorable mentions of an artist who have the incorporated the Batman theme before really well is UKs own Gfrsh check out his Batman influenced track here. Not to mention earlier this year Jaden Smith released his trap Batman version in all white batman outfit which is a different interpretation, to say the least here.

The track and the music fit extremely well, it’s always great when artists aren’t afraid to step outside the basic narrative and add some more creativity to their videos, Bugzy is one of the artists who is not afraid to do that.

Artist Background 

Bugzy Malone is a grime rapper from Manchester. He has released multiple mixtapes and has starred in his own Fire in the Booth on BBC Radio 1Xtra. 

He rose to fame in 2015 when he got into beef with Chip and his song “Relegation Riddim” was a pivotal moment in the feud. Bugzy’s newfound fanbase led him to score #8 on the UK Albums Chart with his EP, Walk with Me.

VIDGARMS – Mens Clothing

The clothing for this video was done by Bugzy Malone himself he created his own tracksuit which he describes as “The kinda tracksuit man use to make a man go missing” #MAD when he collaborated with Supply & Demand in his new clothing range now available at JD HERE.


VIDEO NO’S –  Men’s fashion wear don’ts  

This video he has really come on point with the all black theme which suits everyone, however, the only criticism is if your wearing tight slim clothes on the top make sure it goes in line with the rest of the clothing. I say this as during video he is wearing a tight top with baggy Stone Island trousers which doesn’t fit, remember to mix clothes to not only colour but style too.

If you dont want to look like your coming straight out of the Matrix with a long black coat break up the tone by adding a white to your outfit as a contrast unless you really do want to look like Batman.




Step up your street style in this men’s Groggy Hoody, part of Supply & Demand’s collab with Manchester grime icon Bugzy Malone. Slick and sleek, with charcoal grey panelling for a fresh look, zip pockets keep your essentials on you in style, finished with Bugzy x Supply & Demand branding to the chest.




Hit the streets, show your game, these men’s Batman Joggers are an off-duty essential. Part of a collab between


Supply & Demand and grime star Bugzy Malone, these joggers come in a sleek black colourway for a stealthy edge, zip pockets keep your essentials on you when you step out, while Bugzy x Supply & Demand branding finishes the look.


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  1. dsmothers

    I wish more men understood that women do like a well dressed man. The classy look, the Sporty look, and even the Super hero look attracts a woman. I did not realize there was a Bugzy Malone look, but tight and sleek look very good on a man too. I can’t stress enough to the fellas that the baggin and draggin look don’t work. It’s not cute at all.

    1. Deano

      Hi Dsmothers, thanks for the feedback check out some of the music from the artists if you like the dress sense too, I just did a post about the new UK artist Dave

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